A few different pages you might want to create…

Daily Spread

A daily spread can help children record memories and be aware of their feelings. The Daisy Doodles Daily stencil will help them to divide the page up into sections for activities, weather, good things and bad things – allowing them to reflect on their day.

Weekly Spread

A weekly spread helps children to plan and organise their week. The Daisy Doodles Weekly stencil will help them to divide a double page into 8 sections – one for each day of the week, plus another to use as a key or a to-do list.


Ask your child to describe their perfect day, their favourite holiday, or pick an object from the house and have them write a funny story about it coming to life! Alternatively, take a look at our project sheets for more fun writing prompts.


Why not encourage your child to draw their favourite things, things beginning with a particular letter, things of a particular colour, things they did during their day, a family portrait, a place they would like to visit… Or let their imagination go wild and see if they can create a monster, a crazy new animal, or an alien!

Here are a few printable project sheets for you to download for free!

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